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A curbside pickup solution with online ordering app and website

Easy to setup for farmers and vendors. Solves the problem of having to build online pre-order on your website. 

Farmers Market Connect is designed to connect customers to participating producers, farmers and vendors in your market. We provide a mobile app solution for people to shop and pre-order healthy, wholesome foods sold then pickup at the stall or curbside. Features include:

  • Sell products from the app. No online ecommerce site required.
  • Payments direct to vendor. Nothing to manage.
  • “Donate to the Organization” at checkout with 5% | 10% | 15% options for customers.
    • For example, $2 donation x 50 orders / market x 20 weeks (summer season) = $2000
  • No commission fee or buyer or vendor fees. Option to allow donations to go to you.
  • Stripe credit card fees for purchases: 2.9% and .30 per transaction.

Market Manager Features

Donate in Checkout

Option to donate to your organization with each order.

Farmers & vendors

Let farmers and vendors signup and take pre-orders.

No touch payments

Farmers get paid direct (2.9% + .30 fees).

Check in

Get notified when your customer is at your store in real-time.

Your Brand

Your colors, logo and customer support contact info.

Market rules

Set your market rules for curbside pickup location and hours.


Farmer/Vendor Features

Manage Products

Setup products then manage availability in the mobile app when things run out.

Order Tracking

Offer times for pickup and send alerts to customers when orders are ready.


Payments direct to your bank using Stripe. Credit card fees are 2.9% + .30/order.


Customer App

Place an order

Customers browse items in your Farmers Market.

Pay and Donate

Checkout with Donate button to your organization.

Grab and go

Push notifications alert the customer when pickup is ready.

get farmers market connect

how you can start

Let us help you add a mobile service for pickup and curbside for pre-orders.


You will purchase a subscription to Farmers Market Connect. This plan gives you access to the Market Manager Dashboard on this site. You will manage info and rules for the program & see donations to your organization


After you create an account, you will go to your setup page & add your logo, location info & rules. Enroll farmers & vendors by email. They will click a link in your email to create an account, add products and Stripe. Get the app from the app store to see your market.


Customers browse, order & schedule pickup on the app. Vendors are notified about each order. Vendors update the status of the order from preparing to available for pickup. A push notification alerts the customer the order is ready.

Get Paid

Donations are paid to your organization. And payments are made to vendors & farmers. Stripe has the highest level of security in the payment industry and is PCI Service Provider Level 1. They charge 2.9% + .30 per sale.

Learn More webinar & demo

Starting Monday, May 4: Connect with us and watch a demonstration including market manager setup, Stripe account setup,  product setup, customer purchase. Will also cover curbside pickup process settings. 15 min webinar.

Webinar schedule


Once you get the app and select your farmers market, you can start searching different vendors and farmers and add items to your cart. Once you’re done shopping, check your order, your pickup location and time are set, consider a small donation to the organization, then checkout.

Simply download the Farmers Market Connect app from your app store. Order your items. Create an account, as well as select a pick up time, add a donation and pay.


The service costs $250 monthly, no commissions and renew seasonally. Included is a Donation button for buyers to have the option to donate to your organization. 100% of each donation goes to you. 

The service is expected to be available the week of May 4th for managers to setup their account and invite producers, farmers and vendors.